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Knowing Vivek Sood

Senior Advocate, Delhi

Vivek Sood is one of the leading senior counsels based in Delhi with three decades of law practice, a prolific author, a frequent speaker on contemporary legal and constitutional issues on public platforms. As a senior counsel, Sood is well known for being engaged in complex legal briefs in diverse branches of law including criminal, constitutional and commercial laws.

Apart from a very successful law practice, Vivek Sood strongly believes in contributing to the development of law and other socio-legal causes such as promoting DNA evidence, the human right to fair trial, and free speech.

Vivek Sood is also a prolific author. Each of his books demystifies complex legal issues so that they can be read by one and all rather than only the legal community. He has written extensively on the criminal justice system, cybercrime, electronic evidence, immunity to Internet intermediaries, electronic contracts, taxation of Internet entities, intellectual property rights in the virtual world, arbitration, insolvency law, as well constitutional issues with respect to the Right to Privacy. Sood’s books are pioneering works on the subjects he chooses to write on. He coined the expression “Fundamental Right to Internet” in 2011, which was the title of his book. The expression was used for the first time by the Supreme Court in 2019 in the Kashmir Internet shutdown case. In 2021, Sood coined the expression “Commercial Justice” in his book titled “Emergence of Commercial Justice: Insolvency & Arbitration”. He then authored another widely read book titled “Right to Privacy: Arguing for the People” in 2021. In the year 2022, Sood authored “Progress of Indian Economy: Legislative Proactivism since 2015.”